Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Common disease process identified when the heart’s pumping mechanism decreases.

Types of Heart Failure

Left-Sided Heart Failure (AKA Congestive Heart Failure)


  • Occurs when the heart cannot pump efficiently during contraction to eject enough blood into the circulation.
  • Fluid backs up into the pulmonary system
  • Occurs when the left ventricle does not relax efficiently when the heart fills.
  • The left ventricle cannot fill with enough blood for efficient cardiac output
  • Left sided heart failure annimation

Right-sided heart failure


  • The pumping mechanism of the heart does not allow for the right ventricle to empty entirely causing a back-up of volume and pressure in the venous circulation.

High-output heart failure


  • Occurs when heart has been pumping overtime.  Cardiac output remains normal or above normal.  High fever, anemia, infection and hyperthyroidism common causes.  Not typical.

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