Nursing diagnoses and related interventions

Take a look at my nursing diagnoses and interventions tab under the heart failure page.  To get to that page, click on the red hexagon at the top right of the screen.  What do you think?  What additional diagnoses and interventions would be helpful?


A few more thoughts…

Looking forward, I plan to create more quick references such as the heart failure page, for nursing students.  Ideally, the students would use this site while at clinical to guide them when caring for patients.  I would like to change the title of my page, but unsure of what terms would get attention for nursing students.  Any suggestions?


Heart Failure

About this site:

This web site was created as a quick reference guide to nursing students when caring for a patient with heart failure.  The site entails the pathophysiology of heart failure, types of heart failure, and the common medications used to treat heart failure.  Additionally, the student nurse will find information related to relevant nursing assessments, nursing diagnoses and nursing interventions to use when caring for a patient with heart failure.  Please click on the red hexagon at the top of the page to see further pages.

This web site was created as course requirement for NUR 783 Health Care Informatics-University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  In the future the author hopes to incorporate other common  medical diagnoses typically seen in an acute care setting.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at: OR leave a comment below.

Enjoy!  Jennifer Van Camp, RN, BSN

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